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If speed to market, adherence to critical tolerances and advanced part and tool design is important to your organization then Duron is the right business partner for you.
When you need a part for:

  • New product design
  • Testing
  • Pilot runs
  • Process verification
  • Low volume annual production
  • Sales / tradeshow demonstrations

Duron has invested in Fuse Deposition Modeling (3D Printing) and most recently became one of only 200 companies globally to purchase EOS Direct Metal Laser Sintering technology.

DMLS builds metal parts directly on the basis of three-dimensional CAD data, automatically, without any tools and in just hours! The parts are built up layer by layer by melting a fine metal powder using a laser beam, thereby allowing even extremely complex geometries to be created. The ability to produce such parts rapidly enables flexible and economic manufacture of individual parts or batches, which in turn enables design or manufacturing problems to be identified at an early stage of product development while decreasing time to market. Some of the key advantages of this technology are:

  • No tooling or part-specific tools required.
  • No tool path generation or design of EDM electrodes necessary.
  • Metal parts created in one step.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Complex geometries such as free forms, deep slots and conformal cooling channels can be produced without additional effort.
  • Unsintered powder can be reused allowing for minimal waster.
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