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Molding Technolgy
With 40 years of experience, Duron Plastics has earned its reputation for quality products, superior customer service and innovation. With global competition and the availability of technology worldwide, Duron has developed unique plastic injection molding processes and procedures that make us the preferred plastic injection molding company.
Running a 24-hour a day, five days a week plastic injection molding facility requires a knowledgeable, highly trained workforce with diversified skill sets in the following departments:

  • Engineering and Design
  • Quality Control-Quality Assurance
  • Millwrights
  • Journeyman Tool and Mold Makers
  • Packaging and Logistics

Plastic Injection Molding Equipment
Duron Plastics has injection molding equipment that is microprocessor-controlled and self-diagnostic, with capacities from fractional to 57 ounce shot size, and clamping force from 28 to 500 tons. QC checks for product tolerances, color and physical appearance characteristics which are scrutinized throughout the manufacturing process.
Duron's world class facility offers the highest quality and technologically advanced equipment available to our industry which assists our customers with quick and economical turn-a-round time to market. Our investment in computer-aided machining software, CNC machining, EDM technology, and most recently our acquisition of EOS DMLS technology differentiates Duron from the rest of the industry.


CNC Fadal 906-1 (2)
CNC Fadal 904-1 (4)
Agie Plus
Lathe Chipmaster
Lathe Chevalier
Lathe Colchester
IMA Drill Press
Jet Drill Press
Miller Drill Press
Fadal 4020
Cincinnati Mill
Shizuoka Mill
Do-All Saw
TOS Grinder
Eagle Surface Grinder
Bridge Port Grinder - 2
Blohm Grinder
DME Grinder
Grinder - Moditec
FDM 3D Printer
EOS DMLS-Direct Metal Laser Sintering


Engel Robot
Engel 40T
Engel 60T - 2
Engel 70T
Engel 80T
Arburg 28T
Engel 150T
Engel 200T
Engel 300T
Engel 85T
Engel 165T
Engel 28T - 4
Engel 30 TL
Engel 40 TL
Engel 100 TL
Engel 500 ton mold machine
Matsuzawa Hardness Tester
Delta Drill Press 16 1/2"
Blister Machine
DME Control 2

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