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What is Metal Injection Molding
Metal Injection Molding (MIM), also sometimes called Powdered Injection Molding (PIM), is a process where metal powders are combined with a polymer binder to form a feedstock suitable for injection molding. A MIM mold is similar to a plastics injection mold, although it designed 20% larger to account for the polymer binder. The "green" part undergoes a debinding process leaving only the metal which is then sintered at temperatures of 2600F, where the metal particles are fused together creating an extremely strong metal component, with 20% shrinkage. MIM components are stronger than cast parts and more economical than machined metal components. MIM is internationally recognized and uses production methods that are supported by extensive ISO standards.

The Advantages of Metal Injection Molding
Ideal for complex metal components in a medium to high annual volume production, the metal injection molding process is a net shape process that offers the freedom of design associated with injection molding with the strength and material properties very close to that of wrought metals. Because it uses the injection molding process, design possibilities and arrays are almost limitless as is the combination of alloys. Virtually any design feature that can be imagined can be molded with metal injection molding. With MIM there is so much design freedom and flexibility that entire complex components can be created in one piece eliminating the typical need for assembly of several parts to create an individual component.

Benefits of MIM

  • MIM is cost effective
  • MIM has design flexibility
  • MIM offers higher densities
  • MIM has wide material choices
  • MIM produces stronger components
  • MIM components have close tolerances - closer to the design intention than in assembled parts

MIM Applications

MIM automotive applications:
  • valves
  • injection nozzles
  • transmission parts
  • airbag components
  • fuel systems

MIM telecommunication applications:

  • housings
  • frames
  • printer parts
  • mobile communications equipment
  • fiber optic connectors

MIM consumer goods applications:

  • razor parts
  • kitchen appliances
  • electric toothbrushes
  • spray system parts
  • power hand tools
  • hand tools
  • screwdriver bits

MIM Healthcare applications:

  • dental instruments
  • surgical instruments
  • braces

MIM electronics applications:

  • fiber optics components
  • components for printers
  • video recorders
  • digital cameras
  • plugs and connectors
  • hard disk drives
  • CD players parts
  • chip housings

MIM machine industry:

  • parts for textile machines
  • small transmission parts
  • rotary to linear transmission components
  • industrial tools


  • bicycle parts
  • ski bindings

Is MIM right for you?
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