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From “Inspiration to Innovation” explains our engineering philosophy at Duron. You provide the idea or concept and we’ll make it an innovative reality! Our engineering expertise enables our customers to improve on existing designs and through our collaborative efforts create innovative and improved technologies. Lower cost of manufacturing and speed to market are just a few of the benefits we can provide while working with you. 

Design for Manufacturing - DFM:
Customers appreciate our DFM methodology for tooling design which reduces the cost for finished goods production.

Design Review:
Customers use our part design review consulting process in order to maximize efficiencies. Often our engineering department can offer modification advice that will improve upon design and enhance manufacturing efficiencies.

Material Selection:
Combining our internal experience with best-in-class material suppliers we assist in recommending the best raw materials for your specific application. Choosing the right materials may give you the competitive advantage that you are looking for!

Intelligent Tool Design:
We have invested in engineering expertise to ensure that our unique tool and part designs maximize your profit potential.

Our engineering department extends it expertise to the manufacturing process, ensuring lean production and maximum efficiency of assembly at either our plant or yours.

CAD Platforms:
CAD Platforms including IGES, STEP, Jamas, DXF, DWG, VDA, PTC, SAT formats.

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CONTACT US: 965 Wilson Ave, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2C 1J1 1-519-884-8011